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AIDS Hum aur Aap (Aids and Us)

Radio Programme on Gender and Social Perspective of HIV and AIDS

Uks Radio Project produced a 15-minute Urdu radio programme, “AIDS: Hum aur Aap” supported by AMAL Human Development Network. The programme addressed the gender and social perspectives of HIV/AIDS. The programme was launched in December, 2004

In her personal story an HIV positive woman, Shukriya Gul, spent time with Ms. Tasneem Ahmar, Executive Producer at Uks and Senior Radio Producer, Ms. Qudsia Mehmood. The oral testimony of Ms. Gul comprised her account of being diagnosed with the disease, dealing with the societal stigma and dedicating herself to creating awareness and dispelling stereotypical perceptions regarding the epidemic.

An interview with Dr. Mohsin Saeed focused on the susceptibility of women to HIV, its prevalence in Pakistan and the medical aspect of the disease.

The discussion featured Ms. Tahira Abdullah, eminent women rights activist, Dr. Arjumand Faisal, public health expert working on HIV/AIDS and Mr. Imran Rizvi, Director Amal Human Resource Network. Through their different experiences while working on HIV/AIDS and gender issues, the participants brought to light the correlation between poverty, women and HIV. Lessons learnt from awareness campaigns as well as recommendations for improving general knowledge of the issue were also discussed.

The programme featured original music and CD jacket cover. The programme was aired on private FM channels on World AIDS Day, December 1, around the country including Power 99, FM 107 Karachi, Campus Radio Station, Peshawar University, Peshawar and Campus Radio Punjab University, Lahore.