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Aurat, Ghairat aur Qatl (Woman, ‘Honour’ And Murder)

A series on 'Honour' killings in Pakistan

The radio programme was launched on 7th March 2007. In this radio programme on ‘honour’ killings and the plight of survivors, an in-depth analysis of such cases has been carried out, including follow-up reports. The project was completed with the support of British High Commission.

This social issue has been explored from various angles including socio-economic aspect of ‘honour’ killings which had not been given due deference so far.

The purpose of these programmes is to empower women and to change the perception of women rights. At Uks it is emphasized that radio is a very effective medium to reach out to the masses but has not been properly utilized for this purpose. To this end, Uks radio production team compiled a 10-episode series “Aurat, ghairat aur qatl” which has been aired from various FM stations.

Name of Programme series : 'Aurat, Ghairat aur Qatl'
Executive Producer : Ms. Tasneem Ahmar
Radio Producers Team: Ms. Qudsia Mehmood , Ms. Rukhsana Mussarat, Mr. Mohammad Ishtiaq, Mr. Asif Farouqi, Ms. Rafia Riaz
Music Composer : Mr. Ali Mustafa
Graphics : Ms. Gulrukh Khan
Host / Script Writer : Ms. Qudsia Mehmood
Presenter : Ms. Samina Khameed

The team surveyed cases in Naseerabad and Jaffarabad (Balouchistan) and Jacobabad on the border of Sindh and Balauchistan, Khyber Agency (NWFP). Although the team had been to these areas before for earlier assignments but this project was particularly challenging. This was so because no one was willing to speak to them on the issue of ‘karo kari’ or ‘honour’ killings.

The assignment includes comments of the tribal leaders and ‘jirgas’ of remote areas on the issue of ‘honour’ killings, the political atmosphere and respective attitude of youth in general.

It was learnt that a high proportion of the ‘kari’ (person accused of adultery) cases were wrongfully accused women and were eventually killed. Most of these women were accused just for the sake of a few thousand rupees or a piece of land. At times it was the very own sons of the women who accused their mothers of ‘siahkari’ (adultery) for the sake of a little money!!