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US State Department's Citizen Exchange program 2008-2010

Networking & Advocacy > US State Department's Citizen Exchange program 2008-2010

Best Journalist Practices Leadership for Women Journalists. A two-pronged project through the US State Department's Citizen Exchange program with an emphasis on television news production training and preparing female journalists for positions of leadership. Uks--Research, Resource and Publication Centre on Women and Media is the partner from Pakistan. Since 2008-- under the banner of Uks’s Pakistani Women’s Media Network-- eight women from various media outlets have already received similar trainings at OU, USA and two women journalists went to Katmandu to avail the opportunity of being trained by this group of highly skilled trainers.

The two four-day training programmes on “Leadership Skills for Women Journalists & Visual Storytelling: Best Journalistic Practices" by a team of six trainers from Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, the University of Oklahoma (OU), Norman, Oklahoma- were held from 12th-15th January 2010 at Uks Research Centre on Women & Media.

4 women would be sent to the University Of Oklahoma (OU), Norman, Oklahoma- in June 2010.