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Hamari Tarraqui, Hamaray Masael (Our Development, Our Voice)

Currently being aired on :: Radio Mast FM 103 Lahore Every Wednesday 11AM-12PM

Radio programme on success stories of struggling women

Uks in collaboration with British High Commission, launched a 16-programme radio series, 'Hamari Tarraqui, Hamaray Masael',(Our development, Our Problems) on Tuesday, February 12, 2008. The series is based on women-related issues, gender-equity and women's rights. The radio producers travelled across the country to search for talents and record stories that raise voices and concerns on themes like:

  • Women’s political rights
  • Women’s economic rights
  • Access to justice
  • Access to education
  • Health-related concerns
  • Mobility and right to work

The series brings forth testimonies of how these women faced difficulties but have moved on such that they serve as a source of inspiration rather than becoming objects of pity.

The launching ceremony was held on Pakistani Women's Day and was chaired by Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra, Chairperson, National Commission on the Status of Women. She commented that there may be many people that put allegations on such work by strong and young women, but it is our duty as a nation to ensure full support to such initiatives.

The producers of this project received training in radio journalism at Uks before beginning the actual production. The training was conducted to sensitize the producers to women and gender sensitive issues. Technical expertise was also imparted to them. The aim was to educate radio practitioners belonging to different regions so that they use their skills in their own localities to give voice to the suppressed and marginalized communities.

The event was attended by civil society orgainzations, Uks' partners from British High Commission,National and local newspapers, state television and radio, and FM RAdio stations that aired the event live. The series was developed with special focus on the needs of women in the Pakistani society. In the Pakistani media, women are either portrayed as victims of socio-economic violence or sex symbols. All the programmes in this series were designed keeping in mind the large number of talented, brave and intelligent women who are working to defy this image. This series pays homage to the Pakistani women who are disregarding all traditions and breaking stereotypes. They are stepping into the so-called domains of men. In their pursuit they are not only empowering themselves economically and socially but opening up avenues and paving the ways for the less daring women to follow suit.

The names associated with this series are:

Name of Programme series : Hamari Tarraqui, Hamaray Masael (Our Development, Our problems)
Executive Producer : Ms. Tasneem Ahmar
Radio Producers Team : Ms. Rukhsana Mussarat, Ms.Saadia Haq, Ms. Rafia Arshad, Ms. Aisha Amir, Ms. Maria Mushtaq
Technical Coordinator : Ms. Saadia Haq
Music Composer : Ms. Gulrukh Khan
Graphics : Ms. Gulrukh Khan
Presenters /Scriptwriters : Ms. Samina Khameed and Mr. Mohammad Arshad

The production team travelled to the following locations to record stories and find case studies:

NWFP : Peshawar, Abbotabad, Hayatabad, Haripur
Punjab : Multan, Meerwala, Jatoi, Muzaffarabad, Bahawalpur, Lodhran, Hussainabad, Kawanwali, Rullamwali, Mianwali, Rawalpinid, Chakwal, Lillah District,
ICT : Islamabad
Sindh : Karachi, Sukkur, Dadu, Hyderabad, Nooriabad, M-9 Motorway, (Karachi-Sukkur), Khairpur.
Balouchistan : Muslim Bagh. Jafferabad, Quetta, Qila Saifullah, Jacobabad, Sibbi, Noshki.

Before the production of programmes began in November 2007, a baseline survey of FM radio broadcasts across Pakistan was conducted to review the quantity and quality of programmes accorded to women and human rights. Based on the results, training of a team of five radio producers was carried out to figure out the themes that are less focused upon and to tackle them in a gender sensitive and socially responsible manner.

Uks hopes that this radio series would enable radio stations to effectively report on women's issues, understand the importance of reporting on human rights and provide guidelines on best practices. On the basis of the experience and learning, from this project and Uks past endeavors, a Manual on Best Practices in Radio Journalism is being compiled by the Uks team, due to be published in July 2008.