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Pani ki Kahani, Aurat ki Zubani (Water And Women Issues)

Problems in daily life, faced by women due to water shortage

The Uks radio project team worked on a special 10-programme series on Water and Women issues in Pakistan, supported by the Panos South Asia, (Khatmandu). It comprised 10 programmes of 15-minute duration in water scarce locations of the country. The series was launched in March 2006 to coincide with the International Women's Day.

The production team had in-house editorial meetings where the team and themes were finalized for this series.

Name of Programme series : 'Pani Ki Kahani Aurat ki Zubani'
Executive Producer : Ms. Tasneem Ahmar
Radio Producers Team: Ms. Qudsia Mehmood, Ms. Aisha Amir , Ms. Saadia Haq, Mr. Mohammad Ishtiaq
Music Composer : Mr. Ali Mustafa
Graphics : Ms. Gulrukh Khan
Script Writer : Ms. Qudsia Mehmood
Compare: Ms. Samina Khameed

The producers traveled to different parts of the country for stories collection and information of the ground realities, meeting the women of rural and urban areas facing problems in livelihood due to water.

In this series, producers have covered Cholistan, Bahawalpur, Dera Ismail Khan, Hyderabad, Karachi, Quetta, Mastung, Dasht, Chakwal, Jatli, Dhok Beli Khan, Rawalpindi, Nullah Lai and Attock.

Following is the list of issues covered in this programme.

  • Water and migration
  • Water and Women’s Employment
  • Women and Mobility
  • Water and the workload of women
  • Water and Health
  • Women and Hygiene
  • Women and water-related natural disasters
  • Success stories of women related to water issues