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A project on Radio & Access to information

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The project took up the issue of Freedom to Access Information as one of the prerequisites for democratic governments for transparent and smooth governance.

Through its tools of media mapping, monitoring the initiative aimed at highlighting how all information belonging to the public domain, including non-classified information from government, authorities and other national and federal bodies should be easily accessible to allow citizens to actively participate in the democratic process.

Role and use of radio for this purpose was the focal point. The objective was to facilitate better understanding about FM/AM radio and their ability/inability to incorporate information for public consumption. As a part of the project activities, Uks held 3 One-day training workshops in Islamabad, Lahore & Karachi.

Uks established liaison with Radio Channels and requested their respective managements to identify & nominate at least six persons (males/females) from their organization for these training workshops.

The baseline survey and mapping of radio sector was used as session –starters on a series of three, one-day-long, highly interactive workshop on issues of and around Freedom of Information. Each session was led by experts from the area and identified by Uks as leaders in their field. These trainings constituted an important Phase of project where FOI and its importance for journalists focusing on radio were discussed.

The workshop theme was: “Empowerment of People through Media”- A One-Day Training Workshop on Role and Use of Radio to Promote Freedom and Access to Information. The theme remained consistent in all three locations.

The Radio broadcasters identified and expressed the challenges they faced and shared opportunities and suggestions with the Uks team. The resulting reflections and transformations and the final recommendation of works hop along with all the details were made a part of the final report.