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Radio: A Forum for Moderate Voices in Pakistan Date: May 2010 to November 2010

Project Background

This was a project in collaboration with Search for Common Ground- Pakistan, in which Uks worked on utilizing the reach and influence of radio in Pakistan to provide a forum for moderate, constructive voices and expose listeners at risk of radicalisation to collaborative, non-adversarial ways of approaching disenchantment with government policies, political reform, the increasing militarisation of society, socio-economic inequalities and other factors that lead some high-risk individuals to embrace extremism and violence.

Project Activities

This was a three phase project, and in its first phase, Uks along with Intermedia as the implementing partner, had partnered with Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation and around 40 FM radio stations from across the country and conducted primary and advanced level trainings for their radio producers and hosts in non-adversarial approaches for program presentation, template development and production on using radio as a tool for peacebuilding and conflict resolution.



Project Outcome

The outcome of the first phase was the production of more than 100 programs, under the mentorship of Uks, as part of the series called Raabta that were talk shows that aimed to resolve local issues using conflict resolution techniques