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Mothers’ School Dated: June 2014 – August 2014

Project Background

Uks in collaboration with Women without Borders has initiated a unique project in Pakistan to combat violence and extremism in society. The project started with the trainings of 5 mothers based in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, who were trained on methods to detect the influence of violent and extremist ideologies in their male children. These mothers will in turn train 15-20 more women from their localities regarding these methods. The project seeks to explore a family’s and especially a mother’s role in dissuading their sons from turning towards extremism, for the establishment of a peaceful and tolerant society. This project has been implemented successfully in many others countries by Women Without Borders including India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Tajikistan, and Zanzibar.

Aims and Objectives

  • To reinforce the family and mother’s role in countering extremism and violence
  • To provide trainings to mothers so that they can detect early warning signs of extremism in their sons
  • To empower women to take action against violence and extremism in their own capacity

Aims and Objectives

In May 2014 Uks successfully organized the trainings of trainers who will further train 15-20 mothers from their localities on the skills they learned during these trainings. Personnel from Women Without Borders conducted these trainings over a period of three days. These training sessions were intensive and comprehensive, and overall garnered a positive response from the participants. The next phase of the project will be conducted in August, where the trained mothers will carry out 8-10 meetings with other mothers from their area.