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Media Partnership Alliance for HIV/AIDS Date: June 2014 – November 2014

Project Background

This is a project that is being initiated in collaboration with Uks and UNAIDS. The project which is in its initial stage focuses on building a media partnership to enhance the media’s understanding of HIV/AIDS which is till now taken mainly as a health issue. The project looks at analyzing the media content, compiling a media guide, holding of on-desk consultations, forming an Alliance, engaging the media in gender and human rights sensitive content for awareness raising of the masses.

Project Goals and Objectives

  1. Analysing the media content from a gender and human rights perspective.
  2. Establishing the fact that HIV/AIDS is much more than a health issue. 
  3. Getting together the media on one platform by forming a Media partnership Alliance for HIV, gender equality and Human Rights.
  4. Exploring PEMRA corporate social responsibility area where they can allocate some time for public service message after testing
  5. Exploring volunteer time and dedication of editors and journalists for this cause, through a survey and then a follow up on their perception and understanding of HIV/AIDS.
  6. Conducting on-desk consultations and capacity building/ sensitization of media people on HIV, gender equality and human rights.
  7. Encouraging the use of social media to raise awareness and identifying champions on greater contribution.
  8. Announcing and giving out of Media Awards.

The project is currently in its initial stages and updates will be provided periodically as the project progresses.

Project Outcome

The outcome of the first phase was the production of more than 100 programs, under the mentorship of Uks, as part of the series called Raabta that were talk shows that aimed to resolve local issues using conflict resolution techniques