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Name Date/Time Scale Partner Description
1. “Sensitizing Media on issues of HIV and AIDS” November 1998 PANOS South Asia “Sensitizing media on issues of HIV and AIDS”, a two-day workshop for Urdu media persons focused heavily on HIV and AIDS and its impact on women and children. The main purpose of this workshop was to gender-sensitize the Urdu language press on HIV/AIDS with the help of experts on this field for clarity and insight into an issue that is largely ignored by the Urdu media.
2. “HIV/AIDS and Us” December 1998 PANOS South Asia Uks prepared, designed and edited a resource book on HIV and AIDS for Urdu media persons. This book includes information on the epidemic, the AIDS situation globally and in Pakistan, AIDS and the NGO sector and most importantly ‘AIDS and WOMEN’ with specific guidelines for the media persons on how to report on this issue. The book is easy to read, and illustrations make it more interesting
3. “Media Motivation and Mobilization on HIV/AIDS” April-July 2001 UNAIDS Pakistan “Media Motivation and Mobilization on HIV/AIDS”, a project on capacity building of media persons for a more responsible coverage of HIV/AIDS issues, and their greater involvement in the national HIV/AIDS prevention efforts
4. “Media and AIDS: A Development Issue” August 2001- Februry 2002 UNDP Pakistan “Media and AIDS: A Development Issue” a project for the media persons for a better understanding of HIV/AIDS from a development perspective
5. “Networking and Advocating for HIV/AIDS Awareness amongst the Indigenous Media in Pakistan.” July 2004- July 2007 CIDA A three year effort during which sessions for Networking and Advocating for HIV/AIDS Awareness amongst the Indigenous Media were conducted in various cities including Islamabad, Karachi etc.
6. AIDS, Hum aur Aap (Aids and Us) December 2004 AMAL Human Development Network Radio series on the Gender and Social perspectives of HIV and AIDS.
7. “Mujhe Bolney Do” (let me Speak) 2005 Mama Cash Uks In collaborations to Mama Cash a Netherlands based Organization conducted a project under “16 days of Activism” the project involved producing a series of 16 radio programmes on violence against women. Through the programmes Uks challenges various myths and taboos covering HIV and AIDS and violence that lead to the disease along with other crimes like Acid throwing, Burning and Honor killing e.t.c. Uks foresee these radio programmes as increasing knowledge, changing attitudes and mind set of not just the masses but also the mindset of policy makers, radio station owners and individuals who have the capacity to initiate and bring about the transition.
8. “Making it easier to report on HIV and AIDS” June 2007 CIDA A Gender Sensitive Media Tool Kit on HIV and AIDS was designed to develop media practitioners to become key activists in the battle against HIV and AIDS for it is being treated differently from other topics because of the stigma attached to it.
9. “Media Resource Book on HIV and AIDS” June 2007 CIDA A resource book on HIV and AIDS to sensitize the media on this concern. It was based on the information gathered during a three-year project on the issue while talking about the way mass media should provide coverage to the issue in a responsible manner than a sensationalist way.
10. “Mobilizing the Media on HIV and AIDS Coverage: Challenges and Possibilities” June 2007 CIDA A national conference “Mobilizing the Media on HIV and AIDS Coverage: Challenges and Possibilities” was conducted
11. “Hamari Tarraqui Hamaray Masaeel” (Our Development our Problems) June 2007- September 2008 British High Commission A series of 16-radio programmes on Women’s Development aims to strengthen the awareness in Pakistan of constraints in women’s development and promote empowerment and to show the media how they can effectively report on these issues in the future. The project involves a baseline survey on monitoring of women and human rights programmes on Pakistan’s selected 8 FM channels, producing a 16-part series of radio programmes, holding of a national media conference and compiling a best practices guide for radio journalists. Amongst other themes Health related concerns of women was also discussed which involved bringing out the problems and hindrances women with or recovered from AIDS encounter.
12. “Gender and HIV and AIDS Media Coverage” Februry 2009   Gender and HIV and AIDS Media Coverage report interrogates media (print and electronic) coverage of HIV and AIDS in Pakistan aiming to motivate media professionals to bring out the gender perspective in their coverage reporting HIV and AIDS through a gender lens.
13.   April-May 2009   Uks has been a vital part contributing to UNIFEM-Pakistan joint review of NACP (National AIDS Control Programme) programmes 2003—2008 to identify gaps and lessons learned specifically of the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework 2007-2012, produce a report with specific recommendations for ongoing and future programming of NACP guide/feed into the overall direction of the national response in strengthening gender equity and access, and reducing HIV related vulnerability. These recommendations were to feed into Global Fund and other programmatic opportunities and identify capacity and programmatic gaps in the partner NGOs, at the national and provincial AIDS Programme levels, advocacy needs, and specific strategies to address/overcome these gaps and reflect how these contribute to increase vulnerability or risks to HIV.
14 “Awaz Hamari Quwat” 2011 PANOS South Asia A radio series based on the concerns of girls and women in the community