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Woman, Economy and Business

A 10- radio programme series which brings forward the Government, non profit and non state initiatives enabling Pakistani women to fulfill their dreams and hopes. It also focuses on whether the financial inclusion is a possibility, especially where poor women are fully engaged in realizing the economic dreams of their families and transforming the role of women in society for making a poverty free world a reality. This project has been implemented by Uks in collaboration with Women's Resource Centre at Lahore Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

The Team

Executive Producer : Ms. Tasneem Ahmar
Senior Radio Producers : Rukhsana Musarrat, Rafia Arshad, Aisha Amir and Qudsia Mehmood
Researchers : Tasneem Ahmar, Rukhsana Musarrat , Rafia Arshad, Aisha Amir and Qudsia Mehmood
Scrtipt Writer : Qudsia Mehmood
Presenter : Samina Khameed and Rukhsana Musarrat
Music Composer / Graphics Designer : Gul Rukh Khan

This series is yet to be aired