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Annual Desk Diaries

Uks Annual Thematic Desk Diaries

Every year we at Uks, celebrate the achievements of Pakistani women by launching the Annual Uks Diary. What started out initially as a diary covering women’s achievement in general, evolved into a thematic collection, each diary picturing the stories and experiences of women who have excelled and contributed in that arena.

The Uks diary is a one of its kind yearly publication, which contains a compilation of the meticulous research of the Uks team: working our way through media monitored-mostly print and recently electronic -spanning decades’long data beginning from 1947 to date. A striking collector's item; a new theme every year essentially related to women’s development, represented through press clippings, opinions, poetry, illustrations and a detailed chronology of related events. Since our first diary was launched in 1998, we have covered numerous themes such as gender-based violence, entrepreneurship, arts and literature, politics, education, health, law and human rights to name a few.

It is through these memoirs, we hope each year, to not only pay tribute to Pakistani women over the course of time, but also providea useful and handy document for anyone who is seeking a thematically and chronologically organised collection of this information.

Uks diaries are widely disseminated through our workshops and advocacy campaigns and are also available for purchase from our office. A hard copy of each of the past years diaries can be obtained by sending us an email. The current year’s diary is available on payment. Send us a request at Info@uksresearch.com

Diary 2018

Women of Pakistan: Reflections from Yesteryears

Diary 2017

Women of Pakistan say there is no ‘honour’ in killing...

Diary 2016

Women of Pakistan: Breaking the Silence on Poverty

Diary 2015

Women of Pakistan: Missed MDGs, Must Achieve SDGs

Diary 2014

Women of Pakistan: Rebuilding lives courageously after each Disaster and Crises

Diary 2013

Women of Pakistan: The Unsung Unrecognised Hereos in Agriculture

Diary 2012

Women of Pakistan: Saying No to Domestic Violence

Diary 2011

Women of Pakistan: Climbing up the Entrepreneurship Ladder

Diary 2010

Women of Pakistan: Changing Stereotypes through Art

Diary 2009

Women of Pakistan: Striving for visibility and power in the media

Diary 2008

Women of Pakistan: Some break through the bureaucratic glass ceiling

Diary 2007

Women of Pakistan: Aspiring for greater heights in sports

Diary 2006

Women of Pakistan: Struggling for legal rights.

Diary 2005

Women of Pakistan: Healthcare-The Silent Emergency’ focuses on women’s health concerns in general and issues of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS in particular.

Diary 2004

Women of Pakistan: Empowerment through Education

Diary 2003

Women of Pakistan: A Journey through Politics.

Diary 2002

Women of Pakistan: Struggling Against Violence

Diary 2001

Women of Pakistan: Vision in Print.

Diary 2000

Women of Pakistan: Looking Towards the New Millennium”

Diary 1998

Women of Pakistan: Fifty Years and Beyond Adesk diary that looked at both, the known and the unknown. This was an attempt to identify those Pakistani women among the famous ones, who were exceptionally good in their respective fields but remained unsung.