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Empowering Women
within and through
the media

Ensuring gender responsive media in Pakistan

Uks strives to achieve gender equality and empower all women across various segments of society through and within the media by challenging and eliminating the stereotypical and objectifying portrayal and representation of women in media content.


Women’s Media Complaint Cell (WMCC)

A forum for the media audiences to register complaints regarding any insensitive or sexist portrayal of women in media in Pakistan -TV, radio, newspapers or online media. So next time don’t just cringe when you see anything that’s gender-unfair on TV or papers. Pick your phone upand punch away a complaint.


Pakistani Women’s Media Network (PWMN)

Launched in 2008, it is an informal, non-hierarchical group of almost a hundred women media persons and others working in or on the media. It is an autonomous body, committed to raising voices and concerns against gender-based violence, injustices and biases in the media and society.



Ukaas -the Reflector, our quarterly e-newsletter. Share your email address with us to subscribe and get an insight into what’s upat Uks. Itsmost appreciated section “Media Matters-the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” regularly analyses the media in Pakistan through the gender lens.


Our Milestones since 1997


Radio & Digital Productions

  • 32 Radio Series
  • 316 Programmes
  • 8 Digital Stories
  • 32 Radio Series

Workshops &

  • 40 Workshops for over 800 Students
  • 43 Workshops for over 860 Journalists
  • 8 Round Tables & On-Desk Consultations
  • 94 Community Workshops with 2850 Participants


  • 24 Reports & Booklets
  • 17 Desk Diaries
  • 10 Toolkits
  • 06 Global Researchers
  • 22 Brochures

Media Monitoring

6935 Days of Print Media Archive

Uks Daily media monitoringand Monthly
bulletins –Print, electronic and online media
scrutinized through the gender lens

Daily media monitoring and Monthly analyses
for UNICEF –20 + print and online English,
Urdu and Regional language publications
largest print media archive in the country with


News & Insights

Launch of WMCC Smartphone App

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Dialogue For Change – II

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Dialogue For Change

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Recent Projects

Uks’s Gender Equality in Media: Beyond Advocacy and Awareness calls for a united effort, inclusive of all those involved in the production and presentation of skewed and many a times gender blind content in media, to initiate a conscious, concerted work to produce gender-neutral and gender-sensitive media content. A yearlong initiative, launched in May, 2018 aims to enhance media’s role as key influencer in creating positive perceptions on gender-equality as well as prevalent sexism in news and newsrooms.


Dialogue for Change DFC

Another one of Uks’s novel initiatives - Dialogue for Change - hopes to turn passive viewers and audiences into active and proactive ones, and to determine as to what extent news and entertainment content influenced viewers.A series of panel discussions with the production team of entertainment media projects on ensuring gender-responsive content.


Uks Diary 2019 launched

Women of Pakistan: Struggle for Equal Rights in Politics ContinuesThis year Uks’ diary focuses on Pakistani women’s continued struggle for equal rights in politics, especially during elections. “We need to make the media see the damage it does when it stereotypes women.”


People Behind Uks

It was during her career as a professional journalist that Tasneem realized the need to sensitize and train the media over coverage of gender based issues which led to the formation of Uks.


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