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Initially conceived as a research, resource and publication centre, in 2003 Uks became the first Civil Society Organization in Pakistan with an independent radio production house. The most noteworthy feature of Uks Radio Project is that an all female team of journalists and broadcasters runs it, though male producers are hired on project basis. We at Uks realize that while it is important to critically analyze the projection of gender roles in mainstream media, it was at times frustrating to be faced with the same stereotypes that we had been condemning all along. Censuring projection of women centered on beauty, fitness, cooking recipes Uks put together programmes that are gender sensitive in nature, highlighting the achievement of women as well as deal with the realities of being a woman in Pakistan; battling numerous odds at day-to-day level. We hope that the success of our programmes has aptly demonstrated that issue-based programmes have an audience as well and the demand supply theory needs to be seriously reconsidered in this regard.


To promote issue-based radio programmes in Pakistan (production as well as listener ship) Though radio listener-ship in Pakistan was steadily diminishing till a decade ago, the arrival of private FM channels in the mid 90s provided a considerable boost to this trend. Currently there are numerous private radio stations operating from throughout the country. However, it must be said that these stations aim to provide mostly entertainment-based programming. In the given scenario, “Meri Awaz Sunno” (Listen to my voice) provided information and food for thought on issues, which need urgent addressing. Further the outpouring of appreciation as well as concerns communicated to the team through phone calls and emails highlighted the diverse listener-ship it enjoyed.

To raise Women’s Profile in Broadcast Journalism
The project is an attempt to rectify conditions arising from the abysmally low percentage of women journalists in the country standing at a mere 3 percent, as well as infuse a culture of investigative reporting, hitherto largely missing from local journalistic traditions. The team comprises an all female team who were responsible for all aspects of programming from the conception to research, script writing, narration, recording and compiling the finished product.

To create awareness on social issues with a gender perspective
There is little doubt that the foremost objective of our programmes is awareness raising which complements similar efforts Uks has been making over the years vis a vis the print media. Our programmes have brought to light the hitherto unaddressed gender perspective to different social issues which in turn have largely been overlooked like HIV/AIDS, reproductive health, prostitution, human trafficking etc. Research into such challenging topics has added to the team’s individual learning curve and heightened their own levels of awareness.

To bring about attitudinal changes in men and women
Uks radio productions have tried to challenge stereotypical perception of various issues. That a team of women as well as men covers such issues says a lot about how it challenged the particular mindset concerning gender roles in our society.

To combine information, education and entertainment
Generally issue-based programmes have failed to capture the attention of the young and the casual listeners. The feedback received on our programmes forms a diverse listener-ship covering all age groups, which has revealed that the programmes were able to bridge that gap. Through a variety of segments; namely interviews, discussions, features and vox pops, issues were presented with different angles. Besides serious issue-based programmes we have also covered lighter issues like women’s preference of music during driving, on-location feature on 'Mangal Bazaars', 'Food Park', 'Lace shops' and many more. Moreover the language employed is easy to comprehend and yet effective in delivering the impact of the content covered. In short what our programmes aim to communicate is “infotainment”.

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Radio Projects Team

A team of competent professional journalists has been trained by Uks in the different areas of presentation, production, scriptwriting, research, technical knowledge, introduction to defamation laws and a comprehensive code of ethics. Deliberate effort is made to strike gender equilibrium by hiring male producers on project basis and sensitize them on different issues. Another highlight of the project is the team’s proficiency at working in different capacities. The team has been trained to proficiently handle the many different aspects of broadcast journalism from concept creation to scriptwriting, presenting, research, editing and the handling of all technical features of broadcast journalism. The radio project teams of these dynamic females have attended various trainings at the national and international level in different issues related to gender disparities, domestic violence, health and reproductive health of adolescents, HIV/AIDS and the social issues. These include:

  • HIV/AIDS Conference by AMAL in 2004
  • International Conference on Gender Mainstreaming and MDGs, 2004

Currently the Radio Project has Ms. Tasneem Ahmar as the Executive Producer and one Senior Producer, Ms. Rukhsana Mussarat as permanent staff at Uks, but quite a number of freelance radio producers are currently working with Uks on the on-going projects.

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Uks Radio Programmes

Sr. No. Name Year FM Stations
1. 'Meri Awaz Sunno'
Listen to my Voice)
2003 - 2004 Power 99 Islamabad, FM 92 Aap Ka Humsafar Karachi, Nooriabad, Campus Radio, Peshawar University, Campus Radio Punjab University.
2. 'Ghurbat Amn Aur Insaf'
(Poverty, Peace and Justice)
2004 FM 92 Nooriabad, FM 103 Faislabad, Lahore, Multan, Karachi and Mast 103 Karachi and Campus Radio Peshawar University
3. 'AIDS Hum aur Aap'
(AIDS and Us)
2005 Power 99, FM 107 Karachi, Campus Radio Station, Peshawar University and Campus Radio Punjab University.
4. 'Mujhe Bolney Do’
(Let me speak)
2005 - 2006 FM 92 Nooriabad, Khairpur, FM 98 Jeevay Pakistan Bhawalpur, FM 105 Gujarat, FM 107 Karachi, FM Radio 1 Karachi, Campus Radio Peshawar University, Campus Radio Punjab University
5. Messages for Oct 8, 2005 Earthquake Oct 2005 - Nov 2005 Power 99 Abbotabad, Islamabad and FM 100 Lahore
6. 'Chalo Phir se Muskoraen'
(Let’s smile again)
2006 FM 92 Nooriabad, FM 92 Khairpur, Radio 1 Karachi, FM 98 Bhawalpur, FM 103 Lahore, Radio Pakistan Karachi, FM 105 Gujarat, Campus Radio Peshawar University, Campus Radio Punjab University, FM 101 Muzafarabad and FM 104 Radio Buraq Abbotabad
7. 'Pani ki Kahani, Aurat ki Zubani'
(Water and Women Issues)
2006 FM 92 Nooriabad, FM 92 Khairpur, Radio 1 Karachi, FM 98 Bhawalpur, FM 103 Lahore, Radio Pakistan Karachi, FM 105 Gujarat, Campus Radio Peshawar University, Campus Radio Punjab University, FM 101 Muzafarabad and FM 104 Radio Buraq Abbotabad
8. 'Aao Zarooriyat ki Baat Kerain'
(Lets talk about essentials)
December 2006

Live from FM Power 99, Islamabad.

FM stations in Vehari, Abbotabad, Muzafarabad.
9. 'Aurat, Ghairat aur Qatl'
(Woman, ‘Honour’ and Murder)
March 2007 FM 107, Karachi, FM 92 Nooriabad, FM 92Kahirpur, FM 103 Lahore, FM 98 Bahawalpur, FM 107 Campus Radio,  Peshawar University, Peshawar,  Power 99 Islamabad, and FM 101 Muzafarabad.
10. 'Nayee Manzilein, Nayee Umeedain'
(New Goals, New Hopes)
August 2007 FM 97, Hassan Abdal.
11. 'Hamari Tarraqui, Hamari Awaz'
(Our Development, Our Voice)
July 2008 FM 97, Hassan Abdal, FM 95 Jhelum, FM 96 Sargodha, FM 96.6 Sahiwal, FM 100, Islamabad, FM 99, Islamabad, FM 99, Vehari, FM 92. 6, Campus Radio, The Islamia University of Bhawalpur, FM Mast 103, Lahore, Radio Pakistan, Islamabad 1152Mv
12. 'Hamari Tarraqui, Hamaray Masael'
(Our Development, Our Problems)
February 2008 FM 101, Clarity Communications Islamabad, Pakistan Pvt Ltd, FM Sunrise 97 Hassanabdal, FM 95, Jhelum , FM 96, Sargodha, FM 96.6 Sahiwal, FM 91 Radio Ghotki, Apna Karachi FM 107, FM 92. 6, Campus Radio, The Islamia University of Bhawalpur , Voice of Women, FM 96.6, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi, FM Mast 103, Lahore , Azad Kashmir Radio , (Muzafarabad) , Voice of Kashmir, FM 105 Muzafarabad
13. 'Aao Sunain Unkahi Batain, Unsuni Kahanian'
(Let Us Hear Unheard Voices, Untold Stories)
2009 This Radio series is being on aired from the following radio channels Radio Pakistan NBS, FM 105 Voice of Kashmir Dhirkot, Muzzafaabad, Rawalakot, Azad Kashmir Radio, FM 92.6 Bahawalpur, FM 97 Hassanabdal, and FM 107 Apna Karachi
14. 'Woman, Economy and Business' 2009 List will be updated soon
15. 'Aurat ki Taraqi Humari Taraqi'
(Progress for Women Progress for all)
2009 List will be updated soon
16. 'Hum Kisie Se Kamm Nahe'
(We Are No Less Than Others)
2009 List will be updated soon
17. Women of Swat: Turning Grief into Strength- a Radio Documentary 2010 List will be updated soon
17. Women of Swat: Turning Grief into Strength- a Radio Documentary 2010 List will be updated soon

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