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Networking & Advocacy

Uks has a strong network with the media in the whole country particularly Islamabad and Karachi. Uks has built a forum for debate, discussion and its implementation. Over the last 10 years Uks has regularly initiated and organized workshops and seminars on themes that needed urgent attention and continues to do so. Uks understands that no individual or organization can work in a vacuum. Therefore Uks has always believed in networking with similar minded groups and organizations, taking them along while learning from their experiences in the fight against unjust and discriminatory treatment of women. Uks has been an active member of the following:

  • Legislative Watch Group
  • Committee for the Repeal of the Discriminatory Laws
  • Beijing +10 review process
  • Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists.

Uks has networked with media and Civil Society Organizations throughout the country for the British Council funded Gender Equality Project aimed at the Formulation and Implementation of a Gender Sensitive Code of Ethics for the Print Media in Pakistan. As part of this effort nationwide on-desk trainings for all tiers of print media journalists have been conducted to create gender sensitivity and evolve a consensus on the effective implementation of a gender sensitive code of ethics.

Pakistani Women’s Media Network is an outcome of Uks’ decade long struggle for fair and sensitive reporting on women’s issues has promoted the reflection of neutral, balanced and unbiased approach to women and women's issues within, and through the media. It was launched in Islamabad on May 16, 2008. PWMN was also launched in Karachi on August 11, 2008, in collaboration with PANOS. It is an informal, non-hierarchical group of women media persons and others working in or on the media. It is an autonomous body, committed to raising voices and concerns against gender-based violence, injustices and biases in the media and society. PWMN aims to ensure fair and equal representation of women working in the media, to highlight factors behind the under-representation of women in the media, to acknowledge the efforts of pioneering women in media, to encourage and support aspirant young women to enter the field and to build professional networks of media organizations and educational institutions.

Uks collaborates for a two –pronged project through US State Department's Citizen Exchange program 2008-2010

Uks Research Centre carried out a project on Radio & Access to information in collaboration with Foundation Open Society Institute. May-October 2009

More Women in News and Views Uks-Wilson Centre Round Table Saturday, March 14, 2009

Impact of Newspaper Language and Reporting on Women’s Status and Development

Monitoring and Sensitizing the Print Media on the Portrayal of Women in the Press

Networking and advocating for HIV and AIDS awareness amongst the indigenous media in Pakistan

Workshop on “Analyzing the Violations of Women’s Human Rights during Disasters"

Channeling the voices of Earthquake affectees

Guidelines on making radio packages and script-less reports

Radio journalism training for the radio project 'Hamari Tarraqui, Hamaray Masail'

Radio journalism training for the radio project 'Hamari Tarraqui, Hamari Awaz'

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