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Call for Entries: Uks-APNS Gender and Media Awards

Deadline for Submission: February 15, 2014



Uks Research Resource and Publication Centre, in collaboration with All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS), is pleased to announce Gender and Media Awards with an aim to promote gender balanced and equitable reporting in media. These awards will be held in March 2014, as part of a formal ceremony in Islamabad that will also launch Uks and DANIDA project report on More Women in Media, The Final Touch. The Final Touch is the last phase of activities that Uks has undertaken to share and bring to the media’s attention, results, findings and publications from the recently completed project More Women in Media. In this phase, Uks has been conducting On-Desk Consultations with different media organizations all across Pakistan. These sessions have been aimed at increasing knowledge levels of journalists from smaller districts, promoting debate and discourse on the need to accept the code of ethics, helping them understand the need for gender sensitivity in media, and promoting greater empathy in content, especially in use of language and visuals. As these sessions come to an end, Uks invites entries from journalists - both men and women, for its Media Awards for Gender Sensitive Reporting in all four categories of the media; print, radio, electronic and social media. These entries are being solicited from the media heads of all major media organizations, with the hope that the content being nominated will be gender sensitive, aimed towards highlighting the gender issues in society and the promotion of gender equality. Needless to say, the entries must also be in accordance with the rules and regulations outlined in Uks’ Gender Sensitive Code of Ethics. The theme of entries is to be based on reporting that dispels and challenges gender stereotypes; changes mindsets to promote gender-sensitivity; efforts, and aims to improve women’s access to education, politics, work, health, water and sanitation by highlighting the problems faced by them. A team of professional and independent media monitors for each category will select the winning entries based on their understanding of the guidelines and themes outlined above. The jurors will also nominate a first prize winner and a runner-up for each category. In addition, a Lifetime Achievement Award will also be given during the ceremony to a media personality who has showed utmost commitment to the cause of fair and balanced reporting with regards to gender.



Contest Rules

  1. Contest period is January 01, 2014 to 15th February, 2014.
  2. Entries can be in Urdu, English or any regional language of Pakistan with corresponding requirements.
  3. Entries must have been originally published or broadcasted in any media outlet during the given time period.
  4. The applicant must secure a signed authorization from his/her superiors, granting permission, free of royalty payments, to redistribute the submitted material to the judges of the contest for the purpose of screening as well as in the event the entry is chosen as a winner, the right to redistribute the material via cable, terrestrial broadcast, satellite, CD/DVD, internet web cast or other media, in original or in any re-encoded digital or analogue form, for the purpose of promoting positive images/reports on Pakistani women.
  5. Furthermore, the applicant must guarantee that the material is free from rights of third parties worldwide. Entries will not be returned.
  6. The deadline to submit entries is February 15, 2014.
  7. All entries should be sent to the following address:
Address: House No. 51-A, Street No. 63, Sector F-8/4, Islamabad




Entries in the four categories should focus on one or all of the following aspects in their reports:

  • Stories of women who have faced and successfully dispelled gender stereotypes; highlighting the main features.
  • Changing mindsets to promote gender-sensitivity through the media.
  •  Efforts to improve women’s access to education, politics, work, health, water and sanitation by highlighting the issues faced by them.
  • Use of gender sensitive language and adherence to the rules and regulations of Code of Ethics.
  • Content that discusses various aspects of Millennium Development Goals, United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, National Plan of Action (NPA) for Women, Global Media Monitoring Project, Beijing Platform for Action, and /or CEDAW in a Pakistani context.

Who can participate?


Radio & Television    

  1. The competition is open to all radio and TV producers/journalists from public service broadcasting organisations, private networks and freelance producers working in Pakistan. Entries will be accepted from all producers, regardless of the nature, size and shape of the organization they might belong to.
  2. Eligible entries include a special report, current affairs programme, talk show or documentary. A series (minimum of two reports), of at least 10-minutes for each feature is acceptable. Daily news stories are excluded.
  3. Each producer can submit up to two programmes only. All entries can be in Urdu, English, and/or in any regional language. For programmes in any of the vernacular or regional languages, a subtitle in Urdu/English should be in place for television, and for radio, they should be accompanied by a typewritten Urdu/English translation. In both instances, entries must be submitted together with a written certification from the editor/executive producer that the translation truly reflects the content of the programme script in the regional language.
  4. Each applicant can submit up to two entries only.
  5. All entries must be submitted in VCD/DVD for TV programmes and in CD for radio programmes.



  1. Journalists, whether freelance or affiliated or regularly employed in a newspaper or magazine can join the competition.
  2. Eligible entries include a special report, feature and investigative piece. Daily news stories and publicity materials are excluded.
  3. Entries must be in Urdu, English and/or in any regional language and must have a minimum length of 1,000 words. Entries in a regional language, however, must be accompanied by a typewritten Urdu/English translation and a written certification from the editor of the newspaper/magazine which published the article that the translation truly reflects the content of the article in the regional language.
  4. Each applicant can submit up to two pieces only. They should have been published in a Pakistani newspaper or magazine within the contest period.


  1. Web-based materials must be publicly available on the Internet throughout the competition period (1 January 2014 to 15 February 2014). Any entrant can submit a maximum of two web-based articles and up to two web-based videos. Entries can be in Urdu, English or a regional language, with an accompanying Urdu or English translation.
  2. Submit the details of the entry with one colour print out of the material, and four (4) copies of a short description of the material which include the hyperlink to its live URL.
  3. Web-based works are judged as-in, meaning as they appear on the web site. We will not accept DVDs or CD-ROMs with an off-line replication of a web site. Web-based works have to be live and on-line.
  4. The Uks Media Awards assumes that any entered web-based work is authentic in all its parts: text, pictures, audio, video and other multimedia elements. Entries must be secured with signed authorization from the creator(s) (i.e. author and/or producer) as well as from the current owner of the intellectually property rights on the work (i.e. the employer).

Judging Process & Criteria


  1. Each category will have three jurors who will undertake the screening to ensure basic rules and requirements are met.
  2. They will judge each entry submitted in its entirety, in an independent and objective manner. All entries must meet the universally accepted standards of professional journalism relating to gender fairness, relevance, accuracy and balance.

Other equally important criteria will involve the following:

Radio and Television

  1. Innovation - (25) Points are awarded for originality, creativity, and novelty.
  2. Clarity of Message – (25) Points are awarded for substance in communicating the topic/issue to the listener/viewer, raising awareness on gender issues and women’s concerns.
  3. Technical Quality – (25) Points are awarded for production quality from the gender lens, such as music, voice, graphs, interviews, etc that are gender sensitive.
  4. Overall Presentation – (25) Points are awarded for how gender balance and positivity in various editorial and production elements are combined to produce a compelling programme that impacts society as a whole.


  1. Sourcing – (25 Points) article must feature more than one source of data. It must be supported by interviews, relevant research and /or studies.
  2. Clarity of Message–(25 Points) the article tackles issues concerning gender and women’s rights in society, and presents them clearly to the newspaper/magazine audience, ensuring use of gender-sensitive and unbiased language and context.
  3. Technical Proficiency – (25 Points) the piece must show above average level of writing skill/style, appealing and able to communicate complex issues into an understandable piece to the ordinary reader.
  4. Impact on Society – (25 Points) the article must exhibit scope and significance of issue/subject and its impact on society as a whole.

The decision of the board of judges is final.
The same rules apply to all Social Media content.


  1. The 1st prizewinner in the print, radio, TV and Social Media categories will receive a cash prize, and a certificate.
  2. The runner-up in the print, radio, TV and social media categories will receive cash prizes, and a certificate.
  3. Winner of the Lifetime achievement award will also receive cash prizes, and a certificate.
  4. All prizewinners will be invited to the award giving ceremony to be held in Islamabad on March 26th, 2014.

Submission Procedures


  1. Submit one recording of the broadcast material, and four (4) copies of a short description of the broadcast material. Each copy of the short description should have the detail of the entry attached.
  2. For radio, the recording should be submitted as a CD. A television entry may be submitted as a one-half inch VHS videocassette or a DVD. An Urdu or English translation of the regional language radio programme should also be submitted.
  1. Submit four (4) copies of the entry, which may consist of tear sheets, reprints or photocopies. Each of the entry copies should have details of the entry attached. The submitted stories should clearly show the author’s byline, the name of the publication and the date of the publication.

Entrants for Social Media must follow rules for either the print or the electronic media.
For further details, please contact:

Uks office addresses
Address: House No. 51-A, Street No. 63, Sector F-8/4, Islamabad
Phone: (+92 - 51) 285 0906, (+92 - 51) 285 0908




Applications must be submitted by 15th February, 2014. Late applications will not be considered